Friday, 23 March 2012

Natural Remedies For Gout In The Foot - A Natural Cure for Gout Sufferers

The small diet changes that permanently cure my gout with no drugs!

My name is Dwayne Williams  and I have to share with you the natural remedies I have found online for curing gout in the foot and more that works for me.

If you are like I was. I know you are desperate to find a cure for your stinging gout pain. If you are a gout sufferer or think you may have gout keep reading and I will tell you about my story with gout and how I finally ended the pain for good!

 This is what my feet look like with Gout before I found natural remedies for gout in the foot:

(NB: Gout usually attack in your feet or big toe, but it can also attack other joints of your body)

My fight with gout started in my big toe. I started feeling some pain in my big toe just as I was about to climbed into bed one night but figured it was just a cramp or I have hit my toe on something, so I took a few pain killer  and go to bed.
The agonizing pain woke up at about 4am that night and anything that even brushed against my toe stung like fire. With pain this intense I figured I had been bitten by a spider or something but when I took a closer look there weren’t any puncture wounds on my toe but the pain was very intense and there was no way I’d be going back to sleep.

I got out of bed, popped some more pain killers and rub a little ice on it then put my foot up till morning light. I then went to see my doctor that day. He had no problem identifying my swollen red toe as Gout and told me about some medications I could take to fight the problem. 

Now to be honest, I’m not a very big believer in drugs and medications, especially ones with as many side-effects as Allopurinol, but I reluctantly took my prescription went to the pharmacy and headed home. By this point I could no longer really walk and had put myself on crutches till the swelling went down. I was on the medication for a few months but the gout pain keep coming back.  

I got online to see if I could find some alternative treatments for gout. As usual I ran into the same old he said, she said, mom and pop treatments, and most of them just sounded ludicrous. After searching for a few hours I have found a site with information on natural remedies for gout in the foot and natural cure for gout sufferers.

This site is called  I read through the whole page and actually found it to be pretty educational… especially for a page that was designed to sell me something.

I figured,this book is cheap it lest than the cost to filled my prescription and if it doesn’t work, it’s no skin off of my back and if it does, I won’t have to get this stupid prescription filled.” So I buy and downloaded the book that was offered on their site, began reading and before long I was putting one of the remedies to use and making a list of foods for my next grocery run.

This sound over the top, but within 1 to 2hrs  the swelling and tenderness was slowly going away. I even managed to get a pair of socks and a shoe on to make a trip back to my doctor’s office (I made a copy of the book for him so he could review it). He was seriously shocked that I was already back on my feet in just a few hours after using just one the natural gout cure remedies provided in this book.

Since I have been using these remedies and following the simple changes in my diet I haven’t had another gout attack and I don’t think I will.

That’s how I got rid of my gout. No over-the-counter drugs, no expensive treatment just a few simple remedies and by following the gout diet plan in the book put me back on my feet. I’m a firm believer in the information from this book, if you are suffering from gout like I was, you got to read this book. It could change your life. 

Dwayne Williams

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  1. Exercise and a good diet plan can keep you gout free. It is just a matter of self-discipline and lifestyle changes.